Residual sugars in beer


Question:many thanks for the answer to my question about the effect of beer on cholesterol levels. You write that beers with practically residual sugars may be found in big chain stores and in biological shops. I have visited a number of them, and I can honestly say that the people in Cologne could have heard the commotion when I asked for a beer with no residual sugars. So I would like to ask you once again if it is in fact the case that old gueuze and Orval do not now contain residual sugars.

Answer: unfortunately we cannot explore the specific properties of individual brands of beer, for which we refer you to the breweries. However, we can say that old beers with secondary fermentation in the bottle, usually contain very little if indeed any residual sugars, since the sugars are converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide during the secondary fermentation process. This picture can be altered by the addition by the brewer of additional sweetening agents. A pity that you had no success in your visits to the chain stores or the biological shops. In the meantime I can suggest, e.g., some branches of Delhaize and the Bio-planet department of Colruyt (Ghent and Kortrijk).



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