Gout and beer


Question:I’m a martyr to gout in my big toes, but I do like to drink the occasional brew in the livelong day. I haven’t tasted a drop since my last crisis one month ago. A blood test for the urine content gave a very low result (3.3%). People who seem to know have given to understand that beer can cause an attack of gout, so I’m scared about drinking beer. My question: is there any beer that I can savour in the knowledge that won’t hurt my joints?

Answer: gout can hit you from a clear blue sky, or if you drink too enthusiastically, if you are overweight or if you eliminate insufficient uric acid when using diuretics. Generally speaking, a sane and a sensible consumption of a beer or two per day will not lay you low with gout. Alcohol-free beer (containing only a small amount of alcohol is obviously a rather better idea than high alcohol-content “skull-attack” beer.



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