Controlled drinking reduces alcohol consumption

alcohol and mind

Given suitable therapy, anyone who drinks too much alcohol without actually becoming addicted stands a good chance of halving their alcohol consumption. The findings of a therapy project by the Caritas aid centre in Duisburg support the claim.

The therapy consists of ten sessions during which, according to the conception of psychologist Joachim Körkel from Nuremberg, all the aspects of alcohol consumption are discussed including exchanges of experience. The daily amount of alcohol consumed by 30 participants was 4.5 standard units (20 g pure alcohol) before the start of the course; the average daily alcohol intake of all participants had fallen to 2.85 standard units by the end of the course. The number of completely alcohol-free days rose from an average of 1.87 days to 3.87 days.

According to the project leader, this positive outcome can be ascribed to the informal atmosphere during the treatment. Only ten percent of the participants failed to complete the course.

Source: Ärtze Zeitung, 26.05.2003


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