Beer and bowel movement


Question:Why do I always have trouble with my bowels the day after spending the evening drinking beer? I’ve noticed that others have the same problem too, so I would like to know: is it something in the beer? Or do I react strangely?

Answer: What you describe is a very common reaction after drinking large amounts of beer. This will not happen to you when you drink beer in moderation. The cause of the less pleasant effect is perhaps twofold. Firstly, an excess of beer upsets the entire micro-biological balance of your stomach and the intestinal flora, which means that digestion will not occur in a normal manner. Secondly, a high alcohol content will cause chaos in the brain, with not only the mental faculties being affected, but also the unconscious processes that control the stomach and the intestinal tract. The result is the revolt of the body, which does its best to eliminate the toxins by the top or, so to speak, by the bottom. Drinking the occasional glass of water between beers should moderate the effect somewhat. Or better still, don’t drink too much beer.



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