Alcohol-free beer helps milk production in nursing mothers

alcohol and body

Many young mothers think that nursing mothers may not drink even alcohol-free beer. This now turns out to be an old wives’ tale. Rather, the opposite is true: alcohol-free beer stimulates milk production. This is the result of research conducted in the children’s clinic of Munich University by Berthold Koletzko and Frauke Lehner.

The researchers ascribe this agreeable characteristic to the presence of hops and barley. The hop induces rest and relaxation, while barley aids production of the hormone Prolactin, which is known to start up milk production. Other healthy constituents are also present in beer: carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, all valuable nutrients for young mothers. According to Prof. Koletzko, alcohol-free beer is helpful for breastfeeding. Beer can help to stimulate the milk production during the first days after giving birth.

Source: Berthold Koletzko, Frauke Lehner, ‘Beer and Breast-feeding’ in Adv. Exp.Med Biol 2000; 478-28


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